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All human thoughts, emotions and behaviors are the result of communication between neurons within human brain. Electrical pulses from masses of neurons communicating with each other produce brain waves. The brain waves are detected with the sensors placed on the scalp and these are divided according to bandwidths that describe their functionality.

These brainwaves change according to what we do and feel such as slower brainwaves get active when we feel tired, slow, lazy or dreamy and higher waves are dominant when we feel opposite means active, wired and hyper alert.

These waves are measured in Hertz means cycles per second and are divided into following types


These brain waves are associated with relaxed sate of mind with wakefulness. These waves appear immediately and get spread throughout the cortex after closing eyes means in the relaxation state to sleep. These brain waves are actively dominant in the persons who meditate, calm but loud with the interruptive mental activity.


Beta brain waves are associated with the alert attentiveness and concentration, problem solving and intense focusing ability. It is generally the uneventful mental state of people during the day and this brain activity is significant to proper functioning of the brain and if this activity is insufficient then it can cause the mental and emotional disorder like depression, insomnia and ADD.


These are highest frequency brain waves and varieties of studies are associated with these waves with formation of ideas, linguistic processing and various types of leanings. The rate of these waves seems to correlate with the speed at which you can recall memories. If you have faster waves means faster is the recollection so these waves get disappear when you get asleep.


These are the slowest brain waves which are associated with the stage 3 and stage 4 sleeps. So people that are wide awake in them delta waves are awaken to give them benefit of increased relaxation and relieved pain.


These waves are connected to many different activities in brain such as memory, emotion, sleep, meditation, hypnosis and neural plasticity. Theta state is associated with stage 1 sleep means very light sleep.

Above is the description for different brain waves and their connection with the brain phenomenon but when our brainwaves get out of balance then there can be corresponding problems in our emotional and neuro-physical health as the pattern of these waves are associated with all sorts of emotional and neurological conditions.

So there is need to keep the balance of all these brain waves by performing the brain exercises such as following activities can help to energize brain and body


Water is considered as quite beneficial for our body and also for brain as it purifies our blood and regulates the blood circulation but staying hydrated means drinking water before doing brain exercises can increase the function of your brain and its performance.

Water given the electric energy to brain that is used in all brain functions even for memory processing so more water can give more energy means brain’s functioning remain on full reserve of water and it perform functions at full capacity. So glass of water in the morning help to start optimal brain function and you can have better thinking and creativity.


Brain buttons is sort of exercise that improve the blood flow to the brain and help to switch on the entire brain. During this exercise you need to place one hand over navel and with fingertips of other hand you need to rub the space between first and second ribs on either side of sternum.


Oxygen is important for the normal functionality of brain as it regulates the blood flow so energize the brain and improve its functioning. So deep breathing is important exercise for brain as it ensures the regular supply of fresh air including oxygen up to brain. Our brain have 20% oxygen consumption of total body so for keeping balance of brain waves and fitness of brain deep breathing can be very effective.

Brain music can also help to keep the balance of different brain waves so also to the brain functioning and performance.