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Brain stimulation

Human brain can also get atrophy with aging same as our body loses muscle over the time. So over the time brain’s cognitive skills get reverse and with neurological damage due to age also shows the sign of memory loss. More specifically, it becomes difficult to perform mental tasks with the age.

So it is important to stimulate you brain with some tests and exercises as these can increase your brain cognitive reserve.

Test your recalling power

To stimulate your brain it is important to test your recalling ability for which you can make a list of any items, things to do or anything else that knocks your mind and after some time try to recall them, then see how many items or things you could memorize from the list. You can make this test challenging by mentioning more items on the list for the greatest mental stimulation.

Learn musical instrument

Studies have shown that learning something new and complex after longer period of time is best way to stimulate brain, so you can learn to play any musical instrument or even can join choir to stimulate your mind

Mental math

Instead of solving mathematical problems with paper pen or computer you can try to do them in your mind it will awaken your mind and will stimulate it.

Cooking classes

Cooking is the field where your brain can have number of senses that are smell, touch, sight and taste that can knock different part of brain so for brain stimulation you can try cooking.

Learning a foreign language

Learning a language other than native is not easy as each language has its own grammar rules, vocabulary and many more terms so learning a foreign language can also be a good idea for brain stimulation as reading and listening involved in the learning process can easily stimulate brain.

Create pictures of words

You can try games like word making in your brain and even you can create word pictures like by visualizing spelling of one particular word in brain you can try other words starting from the same alphabets.

Drawing a map from memory

It is quite interesting to draw a map to for a route to any particular destination under which you can try to draw a map of any new place you have visited in your mind. It will stimulate your brain.

Test your taste buds

You can challenge your taste buds by identifying ingredients in your meal. It will help you to exercise your brain and its stimulation.

Our mid brain stimulation workshop

We provide training for the children between five to fifteen years old by using mid brain stimulation exercises so that students can have following benefits

  • Improved memory
  • Improved concentration
  • enhanced self esteem and confidence
  • articulate thinking style and sharper mind
  • stress management during home work and revision

Mid brain stimulation is unique course work as it prepared the students for life time learning so is beneficial for the children between five to fifteen.