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Human brain is the most complex organ of the body, which is made up of more than 100 billion nerve cells that are arranged in pattern to coordinate thoughts, emotions, behaviors, movement and sensation. This brain is connected to rest of body via complicated highway system of nerves.

As this is important organ of body so must be remain active throughout so there are few ways to entertain human brain so that its performance and functioning can be improved. Following are some ways to entertain and keep fit to brain


Meditation is the effective activity that can give relaxation to mind and even studies have shown that it may help to slow some aspects of cognitive ageing. Even the studies claimed that meditation can be effective to prevent or treat some medical disorders.

Otherwise meditation is also useful tool to reduce stress, anxiety and improve the concentration with the clear up mind with positivity.


Experts believe that daily one cup of coffee improve the energy level and also short term memory. It is believed that cup of coffee work positively for the reaction time and capacity of brain to process any information. But as the excess of everything is bad so becoming habitual to take 4-5 cups of coffee can be harmful for body. Only one cup of coffee in the morning can give you positive start and keep fit to your brain.

Avoid dangerous chemicals

Dangerous chemicals can harm your brain cells so drug abuse, alcohol consumption and nicotine can cause your brain cells to die so it can effect adversely to your sleep, appetite, emotions and memory so to keep fit to your brain stay away from chemicals. Even exposure to chemicals can also have the same effect so people that work in mines or the places where there is much exposure to chemicals must take some precautions so that exposure to chemicals can be prevented

Brain exercise

To keep fit to our body we switch to many physical exercises similarly to keep your brain healthy and active it is important to do some brain exercises. These exercises can b done as per the recommendation of expert.

Body exercise

Body exercise not only help to keep body fit also help to keep the brain healthy as during exercise blood get circulate to brain so also its functioning get improved.


Human brain needs the constant stimulation to stay active and fit. Doing something creative can improve working of your brain. Studies have shown that activities like art, painting, pottery or even dance can improve your brain fitness

Sound sleep

It is common to hear that 8 hours sleep is essential for everyone as it keep person active and fresh. If you sleep less then you get dumber so sound sleep has powerful influence on the working of brain. Studies have shown that good night’s sleep keep human brain active and fit as lack of sleep make it harder for person to remember things and to be responsive for various activities

Good diet

Good diet is key to good health so is for brain also. Many experts have proved that nutritious diet can make your brain active and fit. Foods like wild salmon, seeds and nuts, blueberries all are good for brain and improves the learning ability and memory of person. Person should add such nutritious and brain tonic food in his diet so that his brain can function properly in better way.

Vitamins and special suppliments

For the brain fitness person can also try some vitamins and supplements as these can improve the brain function and enhance the memory of person. In market there are various vitamin and supplements are available but these must be taken after the recommendation of doctor.

Avoiding stress

Human brain could be full of millions of things, pending to do lists or works, many feelings and emotions as everyone try to pack the things in brain while steeping out from home so that he/ she could remember them on time, so brain has many tasks to do at a time. If you will remain stressed then your brain will face difficulty in remembering all these things and even the basis tasks so avoiding stress or to burst out the stress from mind can only keep it fir and healthy. Brain can work effectively only when it will remain free from stress.