Abacus Franchise in India

Abacus Franchise Opportunity in India – Still in search of best abacus training classes for teachers and students from the best abacus coaching centre in India? If yes then you are at right placetool that was invented in China some 2500 years years ago years ago & it spread later to other countries like Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia etc. It was used for calculating numbers through basic arithmetic system in the ancient times. But over two decades it is proven to be the complete brain development & concentration enhancing program.

It has gained popularity after being transformed from just mere a calculating instrument into a immense powerful system which benefits the children of small age groups by expanding the brain usage, with additional advantage of making mathematic subject easy and effective. We can define Abacus in simple definition. “A device which is used in arithmetic calculation. It is also called counting device. Also we are not only provide you the training but also provide you franchise business opportunity.”

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ABACUS Training And Abacus Franchise PROGRAM in India INCLUDES:

  • Mental Calculation included addition, subtract, multiplication, division, decimal & negative numbers, finding percentage
  • Calculating Square Root Mentally,
  • Speed Calculation
  • Improve Concentration & enhance Memory With the help of this training course
  • Improve Visualization and Imagination

Abacus Training Classes Syllabus in India – Check PDF Attached

BENEFITS OF Our abaciscus Training Classes in India:

The main benefits of Abacus training Classes provided by Rajmin Academy are: Normally Abacus training consists of eight levels. Each level of abacus course is of 3 months. The abacus classes are conducted once in a week for two hours. The complete training of abacus is completed in 2 years. The abacus training is for the children from the age group 6 to 12 years. Today it has been scientifically proved

  • It Increases the Mental Arithmetic and helps in mathematics understanding 
  • It Speed all the difficult Calculation
  • It enhances the memory and improves the concentration power
  • It increases the self confidence,
  • It improves the logical and analytical thinking power,
  • Improves visualization power & Photographic memory of a child,
  • It improves the creativity of the child.
  • It helps to recall anything.

Levels Learned Under Our Abacus Franchise in India

Normally Abacus training consists of eight levels. Each level of abacus course is of 3 months. The abacus classes are conducted once in a week for two hours. The complete training of abacus is completed in 2 years. The abacus training is for the children from the age group 6 to 12 years. Today it has been scientifically proved that in this age group, the maximum percentage of the brain growth takes place, so it is the best time to introduce the training to enhance the child’s brain functions. But Now the question arises what is the best time to enrol kids in abacus training. Well it depend on you and right age is between 4 to 14 years.


The human brain consists of the right brain and the left brain…

Our students are always more accurate in mental arithmetic and they are able to memorize anything for longer time Usually, ordinary people calculate in their mind using inner voice, as in one hundred minus 9 is 78. But rather the users visualize the image of abacus in their mind.

Biologically, cerebral neo cortex does not completely function at the time of birth.

  • The left brain: also known as “Digital or Logical Brain”. It controls reading and writing, calculation, and logical thinking. It also controls all the sense, creativity etc.
  • Right brain: This brain is mainly for recalling. Through this training the child to do the calculations in his mind & speedily tell the answers.


According to research, brain development start in childhood. A strong memory is depending on health brain. Human brain development is based on stress free sleep, healthy diet, brain exercise, meditation, etc.


The main reason for choosing Rajmin Academy for Abacus Franchise in India are

  • Team of Experienced Professionals helps you in setting up business with our franchise in your respective city and state
  • Proper training material is been provided to you.
  • Team of Rajmin Academy also helps you in providing the Complete franchise kit from the franchisors.
  • If you want to start new abacus business then we’ll also gonna help you by providing the abacus franchise business opportunity in your area.
  • Also if you take abacus franchise India from us then we also provide workshop program which helps your staff to gain more knowledge and improve their skills.

Demand of Abacus Franchise Business and Abacus Franchise in India

As we all know that India is one of the most popular country in the world. Because you can find anything at here. As we all Know Abacus is one of the basic thing which comes in mind when it comes to brain enhancement of Kids. In India there are almost 39% of Kids. So the brain enhancement is necessary. So parents are looking for some abacus training classes which helps them. So this clear the demand of Abacus training classes.

Now the demand of training classes in India is so much then obviously people love to do abacus franchise based business. So that people can get training in their own respective cities.

Locations Where We Provide Abacus Franchisee in India

As we all know abacus franchise is in huge demand in India like Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh (UP), Haryana and Punjab. People from different locations looking for franchise business opportunity of top academies who provide Abacus training classes and franchise with cost effective solutions. Same is the case with Rajmin academy. We provide abacus franchise in India of below mentioned cities of India

Details For Abacus Franchise in India

Our abacus franchise in India and training classes cost starts from Rs 15000 onwards. So, if you want abaciscus franchise in India then feel free to contact us at below mentioned details. Also the Abacus Franchise Cost for Business opportunity varies according to the demand. Which can be discussed by our team during the conversation.

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